Company Profile



Founded: 2014

Co-Founders: Jesse Ramirez and Blanca Trejo. 


Areas of expertise: 
Youth Empowerment, College Access, Youth Organizing, and Civic Engagement

Recent Projects

Students in low-income communities go to college at a much lower rate than their higher income peers. 


INSPiRE is growing our impact in 2015-16! This year we not only are adding new schools into our partner network, we are also growing in staff. We are proud to announce INSPiRE Co-Founder Blanca Trejo has officially joined us on a full-time basis. We are gearing up for our 2nd school year an a start up organization. This summer we successfully trained 131 Change Agents from 9 high schools. . 

Change Agent Institute 
This summer we hosted our Change Agent Institute for a 2nd year at Colorado State University. This year the institute expanded in many ways. This year we trained 131 Change Agent Activists up from 51 last summer. We also extended the institute from 2 days to 3 day and two nights. We also trained 17 1st Year Trailblazers (last years participants) for an extra day of training to help them transition from high school to college successfully. 

Summer Melt Work
This summer we partnered with Adams 14 to better support their graduates as they transition to college. INSPiRE presented various workshops on topics including overcoming fears, how to balance school, family and work, and how to find your support place on campus at three different family nights throughout the summer.  

INSPiRE celebrated our first class of graduates. As our Change Agent Activists changed their tassels from right to left as a symbol of their graduation in our years they also transition from Activists to Trailblazers. We are committed to making sure their high school graduations are not their last. 

What We’re Doing