"Being a mentor through INSPIRE allows me to share my experiences with students and relate to them on many different levels. Our individual stories can create movements and influence change in our families, our schools, our communities and the world. My duty as a mentor is to listen and speak with an open heart."

Noemy Rodriguez, University of Northern Colorado Student

INSPiRE Trailblazer Mentor 

INSPiRE will host a number of Career Days where we invite professionals to come into the classroom and share their experiences with our students. 

INSPiRE hosts "Speed Mentoring" as a part of each of our training day series. We bring volunteers who spend an hour talking to small groups of students for 10 minutes at a time. 

INSPiRE is looking to match each of our Change Agent Activist with a college mentor (Trailblazer) and a professional mentor (Revolutionary). The mentors attend the Change Agent Institute. 




INSPiRE is always looking for diverse and passionate volunteers to help support our mission of empowering young people to become Change Agents in their schools, families and communities. We offer a wide rage of volunteer experiences.  

INSPiRE Volunteers