Jesse Ramirez and Blanca Trejo who have always been passionate about empowering young people to become change agents in their communities. They talked about their hopes and dreams for their future and they both wanted to create a community institution, more specifically Jesse wanted to open his own school and Blanca wanted to create a youth organizing non-profit. They had little idea this conversation would shape future.

One of their favorite activities to do with students is having young people stand up in front of a room and share their dreams. They realized that as they challenge students to chase their dreams they had a dream of their own to chase. 

In early 2014, they decided to chase their dream of starting INSPiRE. They were planning on taking a year to build out a business plan but a core group of Principals told them they wanted to start in school year of 2014-15. Hence INSPiRE was born.