I Inspire my neighborhood to know we are more than the smell of a dog food factory and contaminated lands and far too many broken dreams. 

I Inspire the Westsiders, the Latinos, he Vietnamese, the African that broken homes, abuses, police violence is not normal and we deserve better. 

I Inspire through hanging out with friends, Bronco games with my family and the poems I secretly write both on paper and in my heart.  
I Inspire young dreamers those who crossed the border or those who have lived in their same neighborhood their whole lives to explore the world and see the wonders this planet has to offer. 

I Inspire bullies to find love and forgiveness not just for from those they've hurt through their words and action but for themselves! 

I Inspire hands that once expressed love through pain and bruises to transform into one's capable of tenderness and nurturing. 

I Inspire the preservation of familia by eating menudo, carne asada and chile verde at Sunday afternoon pachangas. 
I Inspire using the power of the chile, el queso, cebolla in my enchiladas because they remind me of the strength of my abuela. 

I Inspire buffaloes to be rams. Grizzlies to be Lynks, Phoenixes to be Road Runners, Thunderbirds to be Bears, Eagles to be Buffaloes, and Cowboys to be Pioneers. 

I Inspire vaqueros y vaqueras to know that university buildings and hallways are not only there for us to construct and clean but for us to take our seats and obtain a higher education. 
I Inspire through the beautiful melodies of mariachi music which give men permission to cry and women permission to break our hearts. 

I Inspire roqueros y roqueras to fill their lungs and raise their fists to both the power of love and the lasting legacies of Latin American Revolutions. 

I Inspire because I was told by someone that didn't care if I lived or died. It was the thought of death which motivated me to walk across three graduation stages.

I Inspire the redefining gender roles because I am not your maid your secretary or your toy. 

I Inspire to honor the sacrifices of my parents and grandparents who gave me a better life and the gift of my education. 
I Inspire partnership with a life partner who values me as his equal as a co-founder as a powerful Latina and the future mother of his children

I Inspire communities where young people know they are love, they are talented, they have gifts and stories that need to be shared with the world. 

I Inspire my children those who will grow in my womb and in my heart to know they are loved that they are worthy and to know they are powerful beyond measure. 

Jesse and Blanca


Youth Leadership in Denver





INSPiRE is a multifaceted and grassroots organization who's primary purpose is working in schools to empower systemic change. We believe our focus must be on youth, families, and community.