Youth Leadership in Denver


I Inspire my neighborhood to know we are more than the smell of a dog food factory and contaminated lands and far too many broken dreams. 

I Inspire through hanging out with friends, Bronco games with my family and the poems I secretly write both on paper and in my heart.  

I Inspire bullies to find love and forgiveness not just for from those they've hurt through their words and action but for themselves! 

 I Inspire the preservation of familia by eating menudo, carne asada and chile verde at Sunday afternoon pachangas. 
I Inspire using the power of the chile, el queso, cebolla in my enchiladas because they remind me of the strength of my abuela. 

I Inspire buffaloes to be rams. Grizzlies to be Lynks, Phoenixes to be Road Runners, Thunderbirds to be Bears, Eagles to be Buffaloes, and Cowboys to be Pioneers. 

I Inspire because I was told by someone that didn't care if I lived or died. It was the thought of death which motivated me to walk across three graduation stages.

I Inspire communities where young people know they are love, they are talented, they have gifts and stories that need to be shared with the world. 

Jesse Ramirez






INSPiRE is a multifaceted and grassroots organization who's primary purpose is working in schools to empower systemic change. We believe our focus must be on youth, families, and community.