"INSPiRE taught me how to observe. Observe what's around you and make a positive change. The obstacles you faced are what you learn from. So see them as a learning experience and know you still can make that positive change." 

Andrew Garcia

Hinkley High School 

Change Agent Activist



INSPiRE also provide an INSPiRE Dream Director to support the school one day a week in their respective buildings at the high school level. Our Dream Director is responsible for supporting school leaders and counselors to meet the needs of our schools. 


Each school is provided a cohort of INSPiRE Change Agents. These are high school seniors who we train to support the program in each school. They attend a summer institute before they start their senior year and will have three school year trainings. 


INSPiRE is striving to create a program built to meet the specific needs and challenges of the school. We meet with school leaders to identify the most pressing needs and develop a program implementation model to address their challenges.